The Great Nut Butter Experiment of 2013: Homemade Cookie Butter

My little mini-me and I share an affinity for Cookie Butter. He almost ate an entire jar in a matter of minutes.


A few weeks ago I ran across a really delicious looking recipe for homemade cookie butter from the blog, Averie Cooks. Since I had gotten a food processor for Christmas, it was time for me to make my maiden processing voyage. Ahoy, cookie butter!


It took me a total of 7 minutes from start to finish and I’m pretty sure it’s the best dessert I’ve ever made. Like, double fisting peanut butter good.

The ingredients are super simple.


I blended 2 cups of lightly salted and roasted peanuts for 5 minutes. I got the giant tub of peanuts from Costco for $6.99.


By the time I was done it looked like this:


Then I dumped my vanilla, cinnamon, and cookies into the mix.


Blended for a few more minutes.


Then added the white chocolate chips and it came out looking like this:


It made two 8 oz jars with about 2 oz left over for me to eat with my fingers. Good gravy, it’s delicious. It’s also a great recipe for kids to help with, as long as you are monitoring the food processor. PML loved to dump the ingredients in and push the button and watch it go.



Homemade Cookie Peanut Butter (adapted from Averie Cooks)

Print this Recipe!

16 ounces honey roasted or lightly salted roasted peanuts (I used salted roasted peanuts…plain didn’t taste the best)

12 to 15 gingersnap-style cookies (I tried several different brands because I made about 5 batches and found Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Snap Cookies to be the best…but you can use any kind of gingersnap or biscotti type of cookie)

1 tablespoon ground cinnamon, or to taste

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 heaping cup+ white chocolate chips (or 6 to 8 ounces diced white chocolate, or vegan white chocolate chips) One round I ran out of white chocolate chips and added butterscotch chips and those were really good, too.

In large food processor add your peanuts and blend for 5 solid minutes. Then add cinnamon, vanilla, and cookies, blend for another 2 minutes. Add white chocolate chips and blend until smooth. About 1 more minute.

Try not to eat the entire jar in one sitting. And if you can control yourself, this will last on your counter for a few days and in the fridge for 2 weeks. Mine lasts about 1-2 days…


So this got me thinking about my love for nut butter in general, which I believe is something I share with many other young moms. I spend a lot of money on all different flavors of almond and peanut butter. (Hello Justin’s obsession…and at $10 a jar…yeesh) Since this was so freaking easy to make and clean up was totally minimal, I have decided to embark on “The Great Nut Butter Experiment of 2013!” Each month I am going to test and perfect a different Nut Butter Recipe. So, I hope you guys will join me.


And hopefully we won’t all gain 30 pounds.

What’s your favorite nut butter? What should I try next? Is this something you’d try?

I’m thinking I’m going to try to perfect the Maple Almond Butter that Justin’s makes.[col3_2][col3_2]

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1 comment on The Great Nut Butter Experiment of 2013: Homemade Cookie Butter

  1. Averie @ Averie Cooks
    January 31, 2013 at 2:26 pm (2 years ago)

    I am so glad you tried my recipe! I made FOUR batches in early January, all for me :) It’s crazy good isn’t it! And I have to just cool it for awhile…haha! I am so glad you made it and are in heaven with it. ME TOO!


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